Love new way of planning

Last week or so I mentioned I am going to try out digital diary. Well, so far no regrets. It is easier to have it all together. It would have been nice if Google Agenda also have options notes so I really have all together in one app. But the app notes that was already on my phone works perfectly well too.

Every time when I did something, I deleted it in my digital diary. But my friend said you should give it when you are done the same colour, that way you know what you did and when. I was like, gosh you are so smart! A couple days later I texted with my other friend and she said the same. I was like; I’m surrounded by smart friends! Because they were right, sttt don’t tell them because mostly I am right. That way I could check what I have already done and what is still on the list. Also very handy when I needed to know how many sessions physical therapy I already have, that way I know how many I still have that is covered by health insurance. I had already 10 sessions, so now I know that I still have 8 sessions covered.

I do however miss the paper dairy because I like to write, but I still have my journal. But diaryI didn’t use it to plan it all out on a paper diary. I had a separate notebook where I planned the whole day. I mean, my friends and anyone else don’t need to know that I need to plan my time, like laptop time, drawing, exercise and all other stuff and they can see that when I open up my diary in front of them. And it looks very quickly messy and I even feel more overwhelmed by it.

But digital way doesn’t feel overwhelming. Maybe because I don’t see it every time when I sit at my dinner table or when I pass it. It is just in my phone and I check it out when I need too.  I feel I am not be confronted all the time by all those lists what I have, want and planned to do. I feel more relaxed.

I only have used it for two weeks and it is the first time I also don’t feel like, mmm it doesn’t work, let’s try something else. And before I know it, I am busy the whole Sunday to figure out what different kind of planning I can use that will work. Or being busy to plan the week. Now I just don’t have to because I already have planned some things on repeat forever. Only have to add things I would like to do and plan my meals.

The great thing is, I can check on my app NS (Dutch train planner) and added it easily to my diary. I added last week so I know what time my train is leaving today. Don’t have to switch from one app to another. Fantastic!

I wish you all a lovely weekend!



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