Minimalise more

It is fun to try how I can minimalise more. I for sure shall not minimalise on books! However, when I have finished a book I manage to make a decision at that moment, to keep or give away. Books I am not sure of yet I keep because I can always give away later. I no longer automatically keep all the books I have read.

I want to change a bit in my living room and now I have I found out if I change a bit I could get rid of a desk drawer. More space and have fewer options to keep stuff. It really feels good that I manage to find options to have less stuff, create more space.

Having less stuff is easier for me to keep my house clean. I don’t feel overwhelmed by all

Woman impulsively buying a book about how to stop impulse buying.

that stuff.  When I buy things I think, do I need it? Why do I want to buy it? But I don’t ask myself those questions when I buy books. However, I can’t buy any new books this year because my budget for this year is gone.
By asking those questions when I would like to buy something, do I need it? And a very important question for me, can I afford it? If I can afford it then I ask myself, do I really need it? That way I protect myself now better off buying useless pretty stuff.

My small budget for sure helps me to prevent to buy stuff I like but don’t need. And honestly, over the time it gets easier and I don’t have to ask myself those questions. I enjoy looking around and get some ideas but no longer have I felt the desire to buy it or wish for it. And if I buy something it has to have a purpose. It feels good to think that way before I buy things.


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