When I wrote my last blog I wanted to post regularly again, then I got sick. Finally, when I got a better Christmas has arrived. I also have neglected my Dutch blog in December.

Last week I started my Dutch blog again and now it is time to get back on track with this one!

I never make resolutions. Well not true, I have one and that is to make none. That way I can never disappoint myself. Of course, I have few goals but I don’t set a time to accomplish it. I will do it on my own time and path. Because I have learned from experiences that you never know, what the year might bring you, good or bad times.

My goals for this year are just to be happy with my life and embrace myself for who I am. Last week, thanks to Pickwick teabag question, I realise that I am actually happy with myself. The question was if you could be someone else, who would you like to be? I 2018couldn’t think of anyone, I didn’t want to be anyone else. I actually happy with who I am and don’t want to change myself. Somehow, feeling and thinking that way change something in me.  I just feel content. Sounds like a good start of the year.

Last November I started with volunteer work and this month the hours have expanded and it will be a couple of hours more in the future. I work for Taalhuis (Language Home). It receives money from the government to help people who are low literacy. In my town only there are about 9.000-11.000 people that are low literacy. Taalhuis is set up to help them by offering courses. Learn to deal with computer/online but also learn to read and speak Dutch. I do ‘walk-in’. People who have questions about Taalhuis and want to sign in to improve their Dutch I answer their questions and fill in a form. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen people coming yet.  I hope that on Thursday people will come. Because it is no fun just sitting there and no one comes. I always make sure I have a book with me so I won’t get bored. It is just hard to reach that group of people, help them to step over a boundary of shame, insecurity. But eventually, I hope we will be able to reach them and help them.

Anyway, I wish you all the best for 2018!



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