About this and that

I have tried to post regular again but unfortunately, it was busier than I thought.

Like this week, I have practically an appointment every day, a couple of days even two appointments on one day. Usually I feel very overwhelmed by it. But this time I feel less overwhelmed. I do notice that this week it was a bit busier in my head when I went to bed but is not a bad thing. It is not worrying but getting creative and all that. I rather feel that during the day and not in bed.

Last Friday I change my antidepressant because the side effects were bothering me on long term. So far no problems from the side effects. Even better, I feel a bit more energetic. I hope that it stay that way. It is nice to get out of bed easier for a change.2388e527c17a4fcb107cc88f8b49c1d5

I do few more hours voluntarily work and eventually I might go up to 10 hours a week. It is a new challenge and a thankful work. I can help people that are low literacy. But I do notice I would like to know when do I start with more hours. At this moment, I do like 5 hours. I get a bit restless for not knowing when and or how. That is okay, it is who I am.

I also have to take time to get use to the new structure of the week. When do I plan my laptop time, drawing time, cleaning time and all that? It is a bit hard at this moment because I also have to listen to the signs of my body. What does my body tell me? I know that I easily cross the line when I am tired. When I feel tired I just keep going on and on, only just not to feel tired. So, I just try to relax a bit more and be a bit lose on cleaning my house. Sadly dust won’t walk away but it is not that I don’t clean at all, it is just not every week. It is just about setting my priority. Every day, week, month my priorities change and that is okay.

It is the same with my weight. Sadly, I have gained weight. I was overall tired and very restless and started to eat unhealthier again. That is why I change of medication. I just hope I feel less tired, more energetic and have the energy to cook again in the evening. And I just have to take one step at a time. If I want to change, I usually want to change all of it at once but this time I have learned to be wise (yeah I know, shocking!). Just one step at a time. First get use to new weekly structure, keep my breakfast and lunch healthy, next is get back in exercise routine, eating every evening healthy meal and all other stuff. Just one thing at a time.



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