Getting there

I am still struggling to get some routine in lots of things. Somehow, things always turned out differently then things I have planned. And I have noticed that it has an effect on me.

At first, I thought I can deal with it and it felt good. But in the long run, I somehow can’t. I feel that I am not able to do what I would like to do or had more time so I can enjoy it what I do. It is also the lack of focus. I get so easily distracted.

To change some of my habits for good I am reading ‘The Power of Habit’ written by Charles Duhigg. It is very interesting to read about it. One small thing that you change can lead to so much bigger. I haven’t finished it. I even made notes about what I have read so far.

I want to grow and develop as a person and have better and happier habits that give me more peace in my head and don’t feel overwhelmed by all what I want or must do.

I do know that being busy with my vegetable garden makes me happy. This morning I have been busy with it again. Sow new things and tonight my whole meal will exist from my own garden for I won’t eat meat tonight. Okay, the only thing I bought will be the egg. I can’t have chicken on my balcony. However, that would be fun!

I am glad that I know that that makes me happy. When I close off the day with writing three things down I am grateful off, the vegetable garden is very often on that list.

I do know I shouldn’t focus too much on having a routine. But I do feel more relaxed to have a routine. However, I have made progress, I don’t need timetables anymore. It is more like a tasks list and that gives me more freedom when I want to do it. But it doesn’t work if I have unexpected appointments or stuff like that. That still gets me off.

Slowly I feel I get there, one step at a time.


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