The Farewell Party ( Mita Tova)

A while ago, I had recorded a movie, The Farewell Party (Mita Tova). Now and then, I record a movie that has four or five stars. I am curious why it has so many stars. I have to say, it was a very intriguing movie about a very difficult subject, euthanasia. I am not going … Continue reading The Farewell Party ( Mita Tova)


Dr. Who no. 13

Since Peter Capaldi announced to leave the show Dr. Who, the whole social media started to buzzz around, who will be the next? Will it be a female? Or will it be him or him or finally a ginger? I texted a lot about this subject with a good friend. Somehow I was convinced that … Continue reading Dr. Who no. 13

TV serie ‘Broken’

Last Tuesday was the last episode of BBC serie 'Broken'. It is not a happy serie, every episode had a sad story. Some moments I find it shocking how people react or deal with difficulties, what they do to survive. Sometimes I find it hard to think that this is the reality for so many … Continue reading TV serie ‘Broken’

Some random talk about movies

Last week I went to the cinema. I bought a few days before online the tickets and I could choose seats. I had all the options. We could sit in the middle all the way back but I suggest my friend to choose at the aisle. I realised I was thinking at the same time, … Continue reading Some random talk about movies

Movie: Still Alice

Last week I watch a movie 'Still Alice', I never read the book but I have put it on my list. It is a beautiful movie about a woman Alice that got diagnosed Alzheimer at the age of 50, too young to be diagnosed with Alzheimer. It was interesting to watch how she struggled with … Continue reading Movie: Still Alice

Watching documentary about wildlife

Last weekend I was watching on Netflix 'Growing up Wild'. I love documentaries about wildlife. I have a box of BBC Earth/WWF and I enjoyed watching it. It is as wildlife is soft, sweet, hard, cruel, divers, loner, family and goes on. When one animal kill another I have different response. It depends on what … Continue reading Watching documentary about wildlife

Few movies I have seen

Few weeks ago, a close friend of mine stayed here for a movie night. We always try to watch few horror movies. But he wanted to see some animated movie. So we watched Zootroplis and Megamind. ┬áHe has never seen those movies and I was like, really!? Never?! I didn't mind to watch it again, … Continue reading Few movies I have seen