Body Image and Social Media

Social Media can be positive or negative. There was a research that Instagram was the most negative and YouTube the most positive, especially vlogs. Maybe I should vlog too, nuh... I don't like to hear myself talking, I rather write. I do admire those people who can vlog, because I am like, hmmm yeah... what … Continue reading Body Image and Social Media

Morning ritual

I still write every morning a half hour. I do however have decided to do it different in the weekend. I like to stay longer in bed but by writing a half-hour before breakfast and then my breakfast will be more like brunch. I have notices I get off balance quickly in the weekends. In … Continue reading Morning ritual


Few years ago, I decided with approval of my family doctor to go to rehabilitation to get physical and mentally stronger. I had few interviews with different people and had to do some tests. I was surprised that psychologist already knew after 10 minutes talk that I might be a perfectionist. I was like, nuh, … Continue reading Perfectionist

Old bad habits don’t die easily

Old bad habits don't die easily! Last Saturday on my way home I had to buy something and out of habit I bought something not good, a bag of M&M's, a small one, but still... I paid the price yesterday, hello, look who we got here... Migraine! It got worst during the day. I skipped … Continue reading Old bad habits don’t die easily

New habit/ritual: writing daily journal

At this moment, I have a new ritual/habit. Every morning I write a half hour in my journal. In a way, it feels like a meditation moment. I'm used to that now; it helps to clear my mind. The next thing to work on, don't write about what I did yesterday or plan to do … Continue reading New habit/ritual: writing daily journal