Broke my own rule, is a long post

I'm not doing great for the moment. Depression is a bit more present the last couple days. Maybe it is time of the month again. I for sure haven't been eating healthy the last 6 weeks or so. I ate many refined sugars and now I feel the effect of it. I do feel it … Continue reading Broke my own rule, is a long post

Changes I made

I finally feel I am on the right track. I have my structure back and feel comfortable with it. I also have notice that I am more laid back when my planning turned out a bit differently. Because I know, I will get it done anyhow, maybe not today but for sure later in the … Continue reading Changes I made

Yes! Made it, 1000 Happy Days

Today is my last day of Happy Days challenge. I have doing it for 1000 days! A friend of mine started with it and I liked the idea. Especially when I was depressed and felt that, I had a boring life. Well maybe I do but more like, there isn't much that makes me happy … Continue reading Yes! Made it, 1000 Happy Days

Just random stuff

I am glad I have a kind of quiet month. I am however busy preparing for the art congress. I feel excited about it, ready to learn more and at the same time, I am nervous and doesn't look forward to be among strangers the whole day. It will be a tiring day, especially because … Continue reading Just random stuff

Difference between I have and I am

I realised few weeks that depression is a part of me. It is not like back then when I thought it won't come back. But it does and the time period between are shorter. I was texting with a friend that has two different type of depression. She said, 'take your time, and learn to … Continue reading Difference between I have and I am