Overdid a bit

It had not been a great week. I have gained a bit weight and I realised that I was too much focussed on eating healthy food that I forgot to look to carbs too. The key is to find the right balance. The importing thing is that I feel good. Okay at this moment not, … Continue reading Overdid a bit


Difference between I have and I am

I realised few weeks that depression is a part of me. It is not like back then when I thought it won't come back. But it does and the time period between are shorter. I was texting with a friend that has two different type of depression. She said, 'take your time, and learn to … Continue reading Difference between I have and I am

Resolutions or not?

Some people take resolutions every year. So do I, and every year is the same, I don't make one. Why would I? If I do then I might get disappointed because I haven't fulfilled any of it. I rather make resolutions during the year. Because why should you change some things when the new year … Continue reading Resolutions or not?

I have it, but I am not…

As you know, I have fibromyalgia. But it doesn't define who I am. In 2004 fibromyalgia controlled my life, everything. Because of it, I got in a deep depression. I obeyed fibromyalgia; I allowed controlling me. In 2005, I decided to change and worked hard to get out of it. Turn around the roles. I … Continue reading I have it, but I am not…


Every year I forget that when the weather is changing and getting colder that my body hurts more. I realised last week why my knees are sorer again, the weather is getting colder again, duh! Overall, I am very fortunate that I don't feel throughout the year that I have fibromyalgia. Only in the summer … Continue reading Grateful

Fibromyalgia and remission

I read an interesting article on a blog about fibromyalgia. She wondered or she does have fibromyalgia, didn't she made it up? Why doesn't she have that much pain anymore? Possible a remission? An interesting idea that fibromyalgia have a remission. If so, why haven't I read about it. Because like her I had a … Continue reading Fibromyalgia and remission