Just random stuff

I am glad I have a kind of quiet month. I am however busy preparing for the art congress. I feel excited about it, ready to learn more and at the same time, I am nervous and doesn't look forward to be among strangers the whole day. It will be a tiring day, especially because … Continue reading Just random stuff


Silence with no hearing aids

I am fortunate that I don't hear a thing at nights, nothing but silence. Sometimes people ask me the next day, did you hear that thunder? Well, no! If I was awake and it is really, really loud, then I might hear it. Otherwise, nope! I remember when I was younger and played hockey. We … Continue reading Silence with no hearing aids

About hard of hearing

I recently read a Dutch article about hidden world of hard of hearing people. There is a clear separate world of hearing and deaf people. But hard of hearing people like me don't really belong anywhere. The writer of the article disagree that there is no hard of hearing culture/world. She believes that it didn't … Continue reading About hard of hearing

No phone calls

I have never liked to make phone calls. The main reason is because of my hearing problems. Second, I just don't like it! Luckily of all the options that we have now are my parents and my best friend the only people that calls me. All the others use these days media. I do however … Continue reading No phone calls