Morning ritual

I still write every morning a half hour. I do however have decided to do it different in the weekend. I like to stay longer in bed but by writing a half-hour before breakfast and then my breakfast will be more like brunch. I have notices I get off balance quickly in the weekends. In … Continue reading Morning ritual

New habit/ritual: writing daily journal

At this moment, I have a new ritual/habit. Every morning I write a half hour in my journal. In a way, it feels like a meditation moment. I'm used to that now; it helps to clear my mind. The next thing to work on, don't write about what I did yesterday or plan to do … Continue reading New habit/ritual: writing daily journal

Changes I made

I finally feel I am on the right track. I have my structure back and feel comfortable with it. I also have notice that I am more laid back when my planning turned out a bit differently. Because I know, I will get it done anyhow, maybe not today but for sure later in the … Continue reading Changes I made

Yes! Made it, 1000 Happy Days

Today is my last day of Happy Days challenge. I have doing it for 1000 days! A friend of mine started with it and I liked the idea. Especially when I was depressed and felt that, I had a boring life. Well maybe I do but more like, there isn't much that makes me happy … Continue reading Yes! Made it, 1000 Happy Days

System that works for me

I finally have found a system that works for me. Every Sunday I sit down with weekly to do list and calendar. I add appointments to do list and plan to do list for the week. Then every evening I sit down with different calendar that has a timetable and I plan the next day. … Continue reading System that works for me

Focus and doing one thing at a time

It is a hectic time for everyone. And I have notices that my planning isn't working for this moment. Lot of unexpected stuff comes along and some stuff takes more time then I had calculated. But few things I can finally take of my list, like looking for a new health insurance. I wanted to … Continue reading Focus and doing one thing at a time