Light bulb off

Work down my list that I had to do on my laptop. Usually in-between I come up with a subject that I want to write about on my blog. But for a change... my mind stay blank. No subject arises in my head or no light bulb that shines so bright, nothing. In the meantime, … Continue reading Light bulb off


O, great, an INFJ type

I wrote before about introversion and that I haven't realise until few years ago that I am an introvert. Not until a year or two, I actually read more about it. I did few tests on different site, most were MBTI tests. All tests told me I am an introvert and almost all tests told … Continue reading O, great, an INFJ type

What I thought of myself

I read a book of Haruki Murakami, 'Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage'. I really enjoyed reading this book. After I finish it, I started to think, that was how I thought of myself. Boring, colorless person, especially when I compared myself with my sister. She was outgoing, had more friends and knew … Continue reading What I thought of myself

Just random stuff

I am glad I have a kind of quiet month. I am however busy preparing for the art congress. I feel excited about it, ready to learn more and at the same time, I am nervous and doesn't look forward to be among strangers the whole day. It will be a tiring day, especially because … Continue reading Just random stuff

Difference between I have and I am

I realised few weeks that depression is a part of me. It is not like back then when I thought it won't come back. But it does and the time period between are shorter. I was texting with a friend that has two different type of depression. She said, 'take your time, and learn to … Continue reading Difference between I have and I am

Christmas lonely or alone

I do wonder, why all sudden no one is allowed to be alone with Christmas. Some people are lonely the whole year around and suddenly with Christmas, they should not be alone. I do realise that Christmas can be a very difficult time of the year for some. For example, a good friend of mine … Continue reading Christmas lonely or alone