Volunteer work

This morning I was doing volunteer work.  I love it and love the fact that I can help people. Between the moments that people approaching me for help, I can relax and drink a cup of tea. Then I look through my door to the people that are waiting to be helped by a group … Continue reading Volunteer work



Few years ago, I decided with approval of my family doctor to go to rehabilitation to get physical and mentally stronger. I had few interviews with different people and had to do some tests. I was surprised that psychologist already knew after 10 minutes talk that I might be a perfectionist. I was like, nuh, … Continue reading Perfectionist

What I thought of myself

I read a book of Haruki Murakami, 'Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage'. I really enjoyed reading this book. After I finish it, I started to think, that was how I thought of myself. Boring, colorless person, especially when I compared myself with my sister. She was outgoing, had more friends and knew … Continue reading What I thought of myself

Resolutions or not?

Some people take resolutions every year. So do I, and every year is the same, I don't make one. Why would I? If I do then I might get disappointed because I haven't fulfilled any of it. I rather make resolutions during the year. Because why should you change some things when the new year … Continue reading Resolutions or not?

Smaller wardrobe helps minimalise

I wrote earlier about that I have a new wardrobe. I am happy about it; it is a very cheap one and is not big. I am happy about that because that way I won't be able to collect much junk again. I mean I was be able to get rid of three garbage bag! … Continue reading Smaller wardrobe helps minimalise

Treasure the moments

Through the years, I have learned to treasure some moments. Like wonderful friends, wonderful moments with family, walking in the nature, reading. We take things, moments sometimes too much for granted. We live in a time that everything have to go fast and we forget to enjoy the moment, take time to create another beautiful … Continue reading Treasure the moments