Social Media

I hesitate to end my Facebook account. I am still not sure. I do however have no Facebook on my phone. I choose to not to have it on my phone because sometimes I way too much busy with Facebook and sometimes I felt I have to reply immediately which is of course nonsense. It … Continue reading Social Media


About few things

Yesterday was a lovely day, did nothing! It really felt good to have such a day. I read the whole day, I have missed that, reading the whole day. Lately I have sleep problems, sleep only like 3-5 hours a night. Because of that, I have sometimes difficulty to focus or be able to read … Continue reading About few things

Reading the world

Couple years ago a friend of mine (my friend isn't helpful because she knows I like challenges) pointed out about a blog of a woman that read books of the world in one year, wow! That is quite big challenge, reading books of the world. I honestly will not be able to read it in … Continue reading Reading the world