It has been a while that I have posted a blog here. Is time to get back on track with this blog. I also have a Dutch blog and I got that now in my system. Now I want this blog get back in my system too. In September, I started with antidepressant and I … Continue reading Update


1 Year Blog Anniversay

Today a year ago I started this blog. I am glad that my friend kind of push me to start one again. It is not my first blog I had but at the end, it felt like I have to post something or why should I post anything, there are no readers or followers or... … Continue reading 1 Year Blog Anniversay

My relationship with Social Media

Somewhere in January, I decided that I'm going to ignore Facebook in the weekends. I must say, I enjoy that. First, I don't have Facebook on my phone. I put it on my phone if I am gone for a weekend or something big is happening. I find it relaxing. Even though I need my … Continue reading My relationship with Social Media