Read/Gelezen 2018

Titles are in Dutch and if I have read it in English, it will be in English. Koningin op blote voeten – Ildefonso Falcones Looking for Captain Poldark – Rowan Coleman The thruth behind a Series of Unfortunate events – Louis H. Cresh The Beatrice Letters – Lemony Snicket Krondor: het verraad – Raymond E. … Continue reading Read/Gelezen 2018


Hello old friend depression

At this moment, I am struggling with depression. However, I rather don't see it as a struggle. But I am being controlled at this moment by it. Like, the sun is shining but it doesn't bring me joy. I rather crawl on the couch with a book than go out for a good nice walk. … Continue reading Hello old friend depression

About books like LotR and …

As you know I am doing Goodreads challenge. One of the categories is a book that is mention in another book. Well, that shouldn't be a problem... I eventually always will encounter a title that is mentioned in a book that I am reading. Yeah... great, it did happen and it was 'Lord of the … Continue reading About books like LotR and …

A bit more about books

You might have notices I love reading, reading is for me very relaxing. I use to have a Dutch book blog but few years ago, I stop with my blog because I was struggling with depression and my focus wasn't very well. Also, I wasn't motivated anymore to write reviews. I used to receive books … Continue reading A bit more about books


Something nice happened to me so I wanted to share it right now and not next week. As you know, I started with a challenge reading the world. Ann Morgan started with this challenge in 2012, A year of reading the world. This year has been 5 years ago, that is why she started with Postcards from … Continue reading Happy!