Minimalise more

It is fun to try how I can minimalise more. I for sure shall not minimalise on books! However, when I have finished a book I manage to make a decision at that moment, to keep or give away. Books I am not sure of yet I keep because I can always give away later. … Continue reading Minimalise more


‘To be read’ pile

Start date: 23.07.2016 I read in Dutch and English. Most books are in Dutch. 14-04-2017: Added 11 books and read 5 books of the pile. 27-06-2017: Added 8 books (my parents were clearing out there bookshelves) and read 7 books of the pile. Penguin Little Black  01; 15; 17; 41; 64; 5; 73; 67; 51; 25; … Continue reading ‘To be read’ pile

Which books to I take with me?

I am so looking forward to my holiday and it is not until early June. The first thing I always think of is, how many books will I take with me? Which books shall I put aside for the holiday? Not what kind of clothes and all those other stuff, but books. The reason is, … Continue reading Which books to I take with me?

About few books I have read

I recently finished five stories of Agatha Christie about Tommy and Tuppence. In 2015 there was a serie on BBC, Partners in Crime. It was my first encounter with those characters. I have enjoyed that show very much. I rather read first before I watch. But in this case I had no time to read … Continue reading About few books I have read

Hebban Reading Challenge

I take part of a Dutch reading challenge, called Hebban reading challenge. Hebban reading challenge add something extra that Goodreads don't have, categories challenge (found out recently they do have that challenge too). To make the challenge extra fun they set up 50 categories and 7 jokers. I definitely enjoy it, because I started to … Continue reading Hebban Reading Challenge

Bye Bye Library Card

This week I dropped my last library book of at the library. It is kind of strange idea that I have no longer a library card. I have been a member of the library as long as I can remember. But I just can't afford it anymore and I have about 170 unread books at … Continue reading Bye Bye Library Card

Me time weekend

After few busy weeks and two busy weekends it is time for a 'me time' weekend. That means no blog, no social media (except for Whatsapp, of course). It is time to recharge with books, TV and maybe a nice walk. I look forward when it is getting darker in the evening, then I can … Continue reading Me time weekend