Morning ritual

I still write every morning a half hour. I do however have decided to do it different in the weekend. I like to stay longer in bed but by writing a half-hour before breakfast and then my breakfast will be more like brunch. I have notices I get off balance quickly in the weekends. In … Continue reading Morning ritual


Focus and doing one thing at a time

It is a hectic time for everyone. And I have notices that my planning isn't working for this moment. Lot of unexpected stuff comes along and some stuff takes more time then I had calculated. But few things I can finally take of my list, like looking for a new health insurance. I wanted to … Continue reading Focus and doing one thing at a time

Bullet journal

On Instagram I encountered an account about bullet journal and thought that looks nice and useful. I have been looking for so long for some kind of useful planner. After reading about it, I decided I want to try it. I had been looking for a system that works for me. Because of my sleeping problem, … Continue reading Bullet journal