Planned to take it easy…

I had a busy weekend, but lovely one, I went to Zeeland (no not New Zealand, I wish, still). On Friday I stayed overnight at friends place. We went shopping for fishes in her aquarium. It was her birthday last week and she got aquarium as present. But it need to be filled with fishes. … Continue reading Planned to take it easy…


Get things done

Today I go back to structure. I need it because I have notice that it is getting a bit crowded in my head. I feel like I have so much to do, but I do realise is only the feeling of it. Because in reality it isn't. I do however have a bit busy week. … Continue reading Get things done

Want do too much, messy head

It is again very busy in my head. I feel I lose overview of what I must/want to do. Even though the planner works for me but there are days it works out differently or the list is very long. I have plans for some time to start my own business. Now the reintegration to … Continue reading Want do too much, messy head