Do I miss doing happy days photo challenge?

A few months ago, I finally reached 1000 happy days. After 800 days, I was getting a bit fed up with it. But I did want to finish it. Some days were hard to think of something original. I was glad when I had something to do than it was easy to think of what … Continue reading Do I miss doing happy days photo challenge?

Social accepted image

For a change a long post. Every week I write a column for a Dutch online magazine. This one I wanted to translate it because I got positive comments on this and people shared their perspective about this subject, social accepted image. But gosh, how easy I can write in English, but how hard it … Continue reading Social accepted image

Become director of my head

Last week I did an online course to clear up my head. I have mentioned it before; sometimes it is just too crowded. There was free 5 days challenge online. I did it and I don't know why but in a way it helped. I decided to take a course, my guts told me to … Continue reading Become director of my head

TV serie ‘Broken’

Last Tuesday was the last episode of BBC serie 'Broken'. It is not a happy serie, every episode had a sad story. Some moments I find it shocking how people react or deal with difficulties, what they do to survive. Sometimes I find it hard to think that this is the reality for so many … Continue reading TV serie ‘Broken’

Planned to take it easy…

I had a busy weekend, but lovely one, I went to Zeeland (no not New Zealand, I wish, still). On Friday I stayed overnight at friends place. We went shopping for fishes in her aquarium. It was her birthday last week and she got aquarium as present. But it need to be filled with fishes. … Continue reading Planned to take it easy…