Dr. Who no. 13

Since Peter Capaldi announced to leave the show Dr. Who, the whole social media started to buzzz around, who will be the next? Will it be a female? Or will it be him or him or finally a ginger? I texted a lot about this subject with a good friend. Somehow I was convinced that … Continue reading Dr. Who no. 13


Planned to take it easy…

I had a busy weekend, but lovely one, I went to Zeeland (no not New Zealand, I wish, still). On Friday I stayed overnight at friends place. We went shopping for fishes in her aquarium. It was her birthday last week and she got aquarium as present. But it need to be filled with fishes. … Continue reading Planned to take it easy…

Some random talk about movies

Last week I went to the cinema. I bought a few days before online the tickets and I could choose seats. I had all the options. We could sit in the middle all the way back but I suggest my friend to choose at the aisle. I realised I was thinking at the same time, … Continue reading Some random talk about movies

Movies and shows I have seen

I like my arrangement, Monday till Thursday I watch what I have recorded. And Friday till Sunday I watch Netflix. Netflix Stranger Things, I couldn't stop watching. It is very intriguing and with now and then surprising twists. I read there will be season 2. Happy Feet 2, it's not as fun and original as … Continue reading Movies and shows I have seen