Movie: Still Alice

Last week I watch a movie 'Still Alice', I never read the book but I have put it on my list. It is a beautiful movie about a woman Alice that got diagnosed Alzheimer at the age of 50, too young to be diagnosed with Alzheimer. It was interesting to watch how she struggled with … Continue reading Movie: Still Alice


Two movies and Sherlock

Last week I watch two movies and the last few days I watch Sherlock. I never seen it so I had to start it from season one. The movie 'Hearts of Atlantis' was intriguing but it couldn't kept my attention. I read that the movie is based loosely on the book of Stephen King. The … Continue reading Two movies and Sherlock

About movies

Last Tuesday I watch the movie 'King of Devil's Island' (Kongen av Bast√ły). It is a Norwish movie and is base on true story. Delinquent boys are send to that island to be trained to be good boys. It is known for harsh and strict regime. Their names will be change in one letter and … Continue reading About movies

The Shining and The trail of Viviane Amsalem

Last week I have watched the movie The Shining. I think a couple months before I read the book. The book was great, really enjoyed it and had a hard time to put it down. The movie was great too, but I do agree with Stephen King about the characters. I felt all the attention … Continue reading The Shining and The trail of Viviane Amsalem

Happy Halloween

Yesterday I went to the movie with my friend, again Miss Peregrine's for Peculiar Children. I enjoyed it again. After that, we went to my house and started with our Halloween. It became kind of tradition now. He comes over and we going to watch few scary or funny scary movies. No lights on, just … Continue reading Happy Halloween

Watch few movies

When I got home last Sunday, I decided to watch the whole evening TV. I started Thursday evening with an animation movie 'The Art of Happiness', an Italian production. I wasn't sure what I had to think of. One thing was for sure, it has its own style. The movie is about two brothers once … Continue reading Watch few movies

An other lovely weekend

I had again a lovely weekend. Last Friday I went to a good friend of mine. We met first online on special chat for people with fibromyalgia about 11-12 years ago. Slowly we found out we had lot of things in common and our conversation could take for ours. We talked a lot about everything. … Continue reading An other lovely weekend