Tiresome talk about positive, positive…

I was texting with a friend last Friday. And she asked how I am doing and or the medication helped me. I told her that it helps me and that I am doing fine. Then we kept chatting about being positive and all that. I was glad that she was the one that said it. … Continue reading Tiresome talk about positive, positive…


Read/Gelezen 2018

Titles are in Dutch and if I have read it in English, it will be in English. Koningin op blote voeten – Ildefonso Falcones Looking for Captain Poldark – Rowan Coleman The thruth behind a Series of Unfortunate events – Louis H. Cresh The Beatrice Letters – Lemony Snicket Krondor: het verraad – Raymond E. … Continue reading Read/Gelezen 2018

About this and that

I have tried to post regular again but unfortunately, it was busier than I thought. Like this week, I have practically an appointment every day, a couple of days even two appointments on one day. Usually I feel very overwhelmed by it. But this time I feel less overwhelmed. I do notice that this week … Continue reading About this and that