Broke my own rule, is a long post

I'm not doing great for the moment. Depression is a bit more present the last couple days. Maybe it is time of the month again. I for sure haven't been eating healthy the last 6 weeks or so. I ate many refined sugars and now I feel the effect of it. I do feel it … Continue reading Broke my own rule, is a long post


Bit stress out

Only 16 days to go then my reintegration back to work will be over. Even with help I haven't been able to find work. I am too old, or not qualified enough or even better, overqualified or just because I have some physical problems. Of course none of the companies will admit that. Do I … Continue reading Bit stress out

Some feeling of guilt

This morning I suddenly thought why I hesitate to take actions on going to museums or take my car and go somewhere to hike. Reason is very simple, I feel guilty toward re-integration organisation. I requested over an year ago to a government department that have to help get people to work that I need … Continue reading Some feeling of guilt