New way of planning

Last Wednesday I had a lovely morning with a friend. We try to meet every 6-8 weeks. Have a drink at the lunchroom. We talk about everything and the subject planning pass by too. She uses for two years only digital diary.  She used to be like me, nuh give me a real diary. But … Continue reading New way of planning


Empty and full head

I have three subjects on my list that I want to write about, but my head is a bit too empty and too full to think how to start. I had a lovely weekend, my best friend stayed over. I already had a busy week and when the weather is getting better, which is great, … Continue reading Empty and full head

Morning ritual

I still write every morning a half hour. I do however have decided to do it different in the weekend. I like to stay longer in bed but by writing a half-hour before breakfast and then my breakfast will be more like brunch. I have notices I get off balance quickly in the weekends. In … Continue reading Morning ritual

New habit/ritual: writing daily journal

At this moment, I have a new ritual/habit. Every morning I write a half hour in my journal. In a way, it feels like a meditation moment. I'm used to that now; it helps to clear my mind. The next thing to work on, don't write about what I did yesterday or plan to do … Continue reading New habit/ritual: writing daily journal