Goodreads Challenge

  32/40 (incl. one category I can't do it) (D = Dutch E = English) A book recommended by a librarian  The Confessions of Nat Turner - William Styron (D) A book that's been on your TBR list for way too long A book of letters A women in Berlin - Anonymous (D) An adiobook … Continue reading Goodreads Challenge


Reading the world

Couple years ago a friend of mine (my friend isn't helpful because she knows I like challenges) pointed out about a blog of a woman that read books of the world in one year, wow! That is quite big challenge, reading books of the world. I honestly will not be able to read it in … Continue reading Reading the world

Hebban Reading Challenge

I take part of a Dutch reading challenge, called Hebban reading challenge. Hebban reading challenge add something extra that Goodreads don't have, categories challenge (found out recently they do have that challenge too). To make the challenge extra fun they set up 50 categories and 7 jokers. I definitely enjoy it, because I started to … Continue reading Hebban Reading Challenge


Something nice happened to me so I wanted to share it right now and not next week. As you know, I started with a challenge reading the world. Ann Morgan started with this challenge in 2012, A year of reading the world. This year has been 5 years ago, that is why she started with Postcards from … Continue reading Happy!