Bye Bye Library Card

This week I dropped my last library book of at the library. It is kind of strange idea that I have no longer a library card. I have been a member of the library as long as I can remember. But I just can't afford it anymore and I have about 170 unread books at … Continue reading Bye Bye Library Card


How was my weekend?

Last Saturday a good friend of mine came over. We had a lovely time. We talked about everything, even about the American election, but strange enough not about Josh Groban. It is because of him we became friends. We met each other on a forum about Josh Groban. Shortly after that, we found that we … Continue reading How was my weekend?

Penguin English Library

‘100 of the best novels in the English language. These are books to collect and share, admire and hold; books that celebrate the pure pleasure of reading.‘ Book I have read has been marked. ‘Emma’ – Jane Austen ‘Mansfield Park’ – Jane Austen ‘Northanger Abbey – Jane Austen ‘Persuasion’ – Jane Austen ‘Pride and Prejudice’ … Continue reading Penguin English Library