New way of planning

Last Wednesday I had a lovely morning with a friend. We try to meet every 6-8 weeks. Have a drink at the lunchroom. We talk about everything and the subject planning pass by too. She uses for two years only digital diary.  She used to be like me, nuh give me a real diary. But … Continue reading New way of planning


Focus and doing one thing at a time

It is a hectic time for everyone. And I have notices that my planning isn't working for this moment. Lot of unexpected stuff comes along and some stuff takes more time then I had calculated. But few things I can finally take of my list, like looking for a new health insurance. I wanted to … Continue reading Focus and doing one thing at a time

Bullet journal

On Instagram I encountered an account about bullet journal and thought that looks nice and useful. I have been looking for so long for some kind of useful planner. After reading about it, I decided I want to try it. I had been looking for a system that works for me. Because of my sleeping problem, … Continue reading Bullet journal