Love new way of planning

Last week or so I mentioned I am going to try out digital diary. Well, so far no regrets. It is easier to have it all together. It would have been nice if Google Agenda also have options notes so I really have all together in one app. But the app notes that was already … Continue reading Love new way of planning


New way of planning

Last Wednesday I had a lovely morning with a friend. We try to meet every 6-8 weeks. Have a drink at the lunchroom. We talk about everything and the subject planning pass by too. She uses for two years only digital diary. ¬†She used to be like me, nuh give me a real diary. But … Continue reading New way of planning

Where did my structure have gone?

Lately I feel there is no structure in my daily days, in the weekend I don't plan. That is the moment I just enjoy staying longer in bed and feel I don't have to do anything, except if I have appointment of course. At this moment I feel I have planned it all wrong and … Continue reading Where did my structure have gone?

System that works for me

I finally have found a system that works for me. Every Sunday I sit down with weekly to do list and calendar. I add appointments to do list and plan to do list for the week. Then every evening I sit down with different calendar that has a timetable and I plan the next day. … Continue reading System that works for me