Body Image and Social Media

Social Media can be positive or negative. There was a research that Instagram was the most negative and YouTube the most positive, especially vlogs. Maybe I should vlog too, nuh... I don't like to hear myself talking, I rather write. I do admire those people who can vlog, because I am like, hmmm yeah... what … Continue reading Body Image and Social Media


I am good enough

Last Wednesday I went to see psychologist again. It was a good talk. As you know, I also work on self-help book, negative self-image. I had to figure out what my negative self-image is; 'I am not good enough' was the first thing that came up. Now had thought about it for a while and … Continue reading I am good enough

I have it, but I am not…

As you know, I have fibromyalgia. But it doesn't define who I am. In 2004 fibromyalgia controlled my life, everything. Because of it, I got in a deep depression. I obeyed fibromyalgia; I allowed controlling me. In 2005, I decided to change and worked hard to get out of it. Turn around the roles. I … Continue reading I have it, but I am not…

Being negative

I follow a Dutch blogger Jelle Derckx. I started to follow him on Facebook because I wanted to minimalise stuff in my house. And I could use some tips. The thing is, he doesn't only focus on minimalism but also you as a person. How do you want to live your life? And all those … Continue reading Being negative