About few things

Yesterday was a lovely day, did nothing! It really felt good to have such a day. I read the whole day, I have missed that, reading the whole day. Lately I have sleep problems, sleep only like 3-5 hours a night. Because of that, I have sometimes difficulty to focus or be able to read … Continue reading About few things


Reading the world

Couple years ago a friend of mine (my friend isn't helpful because she knows I like challenges) pointed out about a blog of a woman that read books of the world in one year, wow! That is quite big challenge, reading books of the world. I honestly will not be able to read it in … Continue reading Reading the world

‘To be read’ pile

Start date: 23.07.2016 I read in Dutch and English. Most books are in Dutch. 14-04-2017: Added 11¬†books and read 5 books of the pile. 27-06-2017: Added 8 books (my parents were clearing out there bookshelves) and read 7 books of the pile. Penguin Little Black¬† 01; 15; 17; 41; 64; 5; 73; 67; 51; 25; … Continue reading ‘To be read’ pile

About books like LotR and …

As you know I am doing Goodreads challenge. One of the categories is a book that is mention in another book. Well, that shouldn't be a problem... I eventually always will encounter a title that is mentioned in a book that I am reading. Yeah... great, it did happen and it was 'Lord of the … Continue reading About books like LotR and …