Social Media

I hesitate to end my Facebook account. I am still not sure. I do however have no Facebook on my phone. I choose to not to have it on my phone because sometimes I way too much busy with Facebook and sometimes I felt I have to reply immediately which is of course nonsense. It … Continue reading Social Media


I am back!

I had a lovely time in France! It was a quiet time. If we went to a town for grocery shopping (the village where we were staying has no grocery shops) and we came across more than two cars between two points that was a very busy traffic. My parents and I get in shock … Continue reading I am back!

Body Image and Social Media

Social Media can be positive or negative. There was a research that Instagram was the most negative and YouTube the most positive, especially vlogs. Maybe I should vlog too, nuh... I don't like to hear myself talking, I rather write. I do admire those people who can vlog, because I am like, hmmm yeah... what … Continue reading Body Image and Social Media

My relationship with Social Media

Somewhere in January, I decided that I'm going to ignore Facebook in the weekends. I must say, I enjoy that. First, I don't have Facebook on my phone. I put it on my phone if I am gone for a weekend or something big is happening. I find it relaxing. Even though I need my … Continue reading My relationship with Social Media