Been busy

I have a busy week.   I don't really have the time yet to sit down and write a blog post. Next week will be a busy week too but I have a bit more time to sit down. For now, I just want to wish you all a lovely weekend!


Planned to take it easy…

I had a busy weekend, but lovely one, I went to Zeeland (no not New Zealand, I wish, still). On Friday I stayed overnight at friends place. We went shopping for fishes in her aquarium. It was her birthday last week and she got aquarium as present. But it need to be filled with fishes. … Continue reading Planned to take it easy…

Light bulb off

Work down my list that I had to do on my laptop. Usually in-between I come up with a subject that I want to write about on my blog. But for a change... my mind stay blank. No subject arises in my head or no light bulb that shines so bright, nothing. In the meantime, … Continue reading Light bulb off

How was my weekend?

Last Saturday a good friend of mine came over. We had a lovely time. We talked about everything, even about the American election, but strange enough not about Josh Groban. It is because of him we became friends. We met each other on a forum about Josh Groban. Shortly after that, we found that we … Continue reading How was my weekend?